The importance of Data and the impact of its loss to any organization is well known. This reinforces the organizational need for fool-proof disaster recovery and data replication systems.
DataPatrol partners with Dbvisit Software, a team of disaster recovery and database replication experts, to offer your customers the comprehensive and well-trusted solutions for Oracle Databases, Dbvisit Standby and Dbvisit Replicate.

Dbvisit Standby | Dbvisit Replicat | Datapatroltech

Dbvisit Standby

Dbvisit Standby is trusted in over 110 countries. It ensures complete disaster recovery and business continuity, by reducing business disruption, for Oracle Standard Edition (SE, SE1, SE2) databases. With Dbvisit Standby, your customers are protected from data loss due to hardware and logical failures, natural disasters, human error and outages. Contact our team today to demo this solution for you.

Dbvisit standby simplifies your tasks and includes:

  • Stepwise guided installation process
  • Optional templating function for easy recreation of standby databases
  • Application switchover to standby databases within few minutes
  • Compression and encryption for archive log transportation
  • Cloud ready for Oracle, AWS, Microsoft Azure
Dbvisit Standby | Dbvisit Replicat | Datapatroltech

Dbvisit Replicate

Dbvisit Replicate is a comprehensive and flexible software product providing affordable logical replication for organizations using Oracle® databases. It is straightforward to install and configure, and comes with all the tools and utilities you expect for easy replication of your Oracle data.

Dbvisit Replicate is ideal for replicating data quickly and securely for:

  • Migration projects without outages
  • Offloading for reporting and visibility for real-time business decisions
  • Feeding subsets of data to relevant department and division applications
  • Streaming data into data warehouses for analytics and BI
  • Sharing real-time data across the enterprise

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